WP Genie Review – Build Self Updating WordPress Sites In a Few Clicks!

WP Genie Review - Build Self Updating Wordpress Sites In a Few Clicks!

WP Genie Review – Build Self Updating WordPress Sites In Few a Clicks!

Welcome to my WP Genie Review, Today I will discuss about the features, demo, price, upgrades, free booster bonuses, and how WP Genie Review can benefit you. This is the world’s first “WordPress” AI virtual assistant that creates self-updating websites, completes all your marketing tasks, and builds real business in a few clicks!

I’ve got something exciting to share with you today. We’ve got an amazing technology that does the unimaginable stuff that you could ever need to grow your online business. This is super crazy; it does everything! I’m not exaggerating here; I would like to introduce you to this “human-like” AI virtual assistant that will do anything you want in seconds. I mean anything. With WP Genie, try anything out. Here Now! The open secret about this AI is that it’s 16x smarter than ChatGPT, which you are currently using. Imagine using a click to deploy over 50 AI expert bots in any niche and get the work done. These expert chatbots will do anything you want in seconds. These are highly trained AI models that have only one job. Remember, this tool will help you set up a running business and drive crazy buyer traffic instantly. In fact, this will generate 98% more profit than you could ever imagine, requiring neither ads nor tech skills.

WP Genie Review - Build Self Updating WordPress Sites In a Few Clicks!

WP Genie positions itself as an all-in-one platform designed to simplify WordPress website management. It caters to users of all experience levels by offering a user-friendly interface and a comprehensive suite of tools.

WP Genie tackles various aspects of website creation and maintenance. You can build websites using drag-and-drop functionality and pre-designed templates. It also features content management tools for adding, editing, and scheduling posts. Security is addressed through features like malware scanning and backups. Additionally, WP Genie boasts performance optimization tools to ensure your website loads quickly. While it offers some marketing tools, they might be basic. Overall, WP Genie aims to streamline website management for WordPress users, but its true effectiveness requires a closer look.

  • Creator: Seun Ogundele
  • Product: WP Genie
  • Date Of Launch: 2024-May-12
  • Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $17 (One-time payment)
  • Official Website: Click Here To Visit
  • Niche: Software (Online)
  • Support: Friendly & Effective Response
  • Discount: Get The Best Discount Right Now!
  • Recommended: Highly Recommended
  • Bonuses: YES, Huge Bonuses
  • Skill Level Needed: All Levels
  • Refund:YES, 180 Days Refund Policy
  • Discount Code: WPG5OFF $5 OFF Any Funnel!

Introducing Seun Ogundele, the forward-thinking founder of WP Genie. Innovative graphic design has been transformed by Seun’s forward-thinking approach to technology and his fervent dedication to innovation.

Seun, by capitalising on his profound knowledge and limitless creativity, has developed a sophisticated framework that enables users to effortlessly convert text into enthralling visualisations via the capabilities of artificial intelligence.

Look at some of his previous successful projects, including Artisia, AvaTalk, RoboCHAT, ZapAI, Kustomizee, GoBuildr, FlowCart, AI Assist, SendALL, ScribAI, and SwipeFunnel, and many others.

  • Proven to be 16X more powerful by Combining the Power of the trio (Amazon Rufus, Google Gemini & Microsoft Co-pilot).
  • ️WP Genie is 6X Faster at Creating: Websites, Funnels, Apps, Voiceovers, Videos, Content, Graphics, eBooks, Ad Copies, Business Plans, Blogs, High Converting Ads, Audios, Chatbots, Art Images, Translation and More.
  • Get All Your Marketing Assets in ANY niche and ANY language Done for You by WP Genie with just a keyword or Siri-Like Voice Command.
  • WP Genie uses real-time, 2023 info ChatGPT’s outdated 2021 info ️.
  • Get Tasks Completed in just seconds with WP Genie.
  • Exclusive AI – not available anywhere else online.
  • Complete 100s of Marketing Tasks In 40 Seconds FLAT.
  • AI Will Act as Your 24/7, Smart Virtual Assistant.
  • Instantly write top-notch emails, landing pages, sales pages for any niche.
  • ‍Use WP Genie as a PHD-level programming geek to build mobile apps & any software ️
  • No Tech Skills or Experience – Anyone Can Do This!
  • 200+ positive reviews (4.6/5 avg rating).
  • No outages, unlike ChatGPT.
  • Rest Easy with Our 180-Day Money Back Guarantee – We’ve Got You Covered!

You’re Just 3 Steps Away From Having Your Own “WordPress” AI Virtual Assistant That Automate Your Business Task & Work For You 24/7/365 Days

Step #1: Access

Click Any of The Yellow Buy Buttons on This Page to Get WP Genie, Before the Monthly Fees Kick In.

Step #2: Ask Your “WordPress” AI Virtual Assistant (Use Text or Voice Command)

What Do You Want Done? Ask WP Genie ANYTHING You Need Help with Example: Write a 10,000-word eBook on Affiliate Marketing.

Step #3: Task Completed

WP Genie Will Complete 100s of Marketing Tasks at Lightning Speed.

  • Create High Converting Funnels, Ads Copies, Voiceovers, Videos in Seconds.
  • Transform Public Expert into AI Chatbot & Let Them Drive Sales, Capture Leads, Do Support, and Coach Your Audience 24-7.
  • Easily train WP Genie on your own data (website, PDF, text or even Q&A) to sell and support your customers.
  • WP Genie never struggles with writer’s block, spitting out high quality content in seconds.
  • WP Genie has the intelligence of a PHD-level programmer, and can write, and debug code faster than any human out there…
  • WP Genie is able to speak 109+ different languages
  • Get Free Traffic from Google Instantly generate keyword-stuffed masterpieces that’ll leave Google begging for more! No copycats here, just 100% fresh content.
  • Write Stunning Articles Craft captivating, knowledge-packed articles that’ll have readers binge-learning like it’s their favorite Netflix series. Plus, our content is always plagiarism-free.
  • Make Your Own Cryptocurrency WP Genie is so powerful, it can even make your own cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc.
  • Extract Content from Videos WP Genie Intelligently extracts content from any videos, preserving essence and convert it into ready-to-publish blog posts.
  • Create Endless Content Don’t waste another minute writing generate oodles of fresh, irresistible content that’ll have your audience drooling for more!
  • Write ANY Kind of Copy Swiftly generate premier emails, landing pages, sales pages, and more, tailored to any specific niche.
  • Develop Apps/Software Use WP Genie, your digital PhD-level coding expert, to craft professional apps and software.
  • Design Any Type of Websites or Funnel WP Genie will Design breathtaking websites, Funnels, Landing Pages or Ecommerce website in mere seconds that will leave your clients speechless!
  • Create Audio, Voiceovers & Video WP Genie will create audio & video with 900+ Lifelike Voices Across More Than 144+ Languages & Dialects.
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Video Marketers
  • SEO Marketers
  • Local Marketer
  • Social Media Marketer
  • Freelancer
  • Content Creator
  • Digital Product Sellers
  • Website Owners

Front End: WP Genie ($17)

  • OTO 1: Genie Unlimited ($67/$47)
  • OTO 2: WP Genie Done For You ($297/$197)
  • OTO 3: WP Genie Automation ($47/$27)
  • OTO 4: WP Genie Income Maximizer ($47/$27)
  • OTO 5: WP Genie Limitless Buyer Traffic ($97/$77)
  • OTO 6: WP Genie Cloned Affiliate profits ($67/$47)
  • OTO 7: WP Genie Mobile Payday ($47/$27)
  • OTO 8: WP Genie Reseller ($197)
  • OTO 9: WP Genie DFY Profit Site ($47)

My Exclusive Bonuses will be visible on your access page as an Affiliate Bonus Button on WarriorPlus immediately after purchase.

And before ending my honest review of WP Genie, I promised to give you my very Exclusive Bonus Self Developed PFTSES Formula for FREE.

BONUS #1: WP Genie $10K Monthly Extravaganza – Your LIVE Invite Awaits!

You’ll get invited to a free live training where you’ll uncover the step-by-step formula to go from $0, to $10,000 monthly no matter what experience level you’re at.

BONUS #2: AI Assist – Your Cloud-Based AI Assist Business’s 24/7 AI Sidekick

AI Assist is a Cloud-Based “Human-Like” AI Virtual Assistant! With Google’s AI-powered Dialogflow, your customers can chat seamlessly, search for and add products to their cart, and get support—all from the chat window.

BONUS #3: AI Service Agency Power-Up – Boost Your Business Today!

Transform your website with our cutting-edge AI Service Agency! Sporting a sleek, modern design for both back-end and front-end.  Build your website in just a few clicks, with no coding required!

BONUS #4: AIKit – ChatGPT Autoblog – Fresh Content for Your Blogs, Fast!

AIKit is the WordPress plugin that connects your site to OpenAI’s GPT-3, enabling you to harness the power of AI! Generate content, write engaging paragraphs, summarize text, paraphrase, craft catchy marketing copy and titles, and simplify complex text—all in just minutes!

BONUS #5: AI Mailer – The Ultimate AI Email Marketing Tool for UNLIMITED EMAILS!

Say goodbye to monthly subscription fees and elevate your email marketing game with AI Mailer! Effortlessly send newsletters, create branded campaigns, and monitor progress. AI Mailer’s dynamic list features make segmenting a breeze, ensuring a professional touch for your email campaigns.

For More Details, Please Watch WP Genie DEMO Video Below:

You Have NO RISK With Our Money Back Guarantee

If you’re still undecided, after witnessing what WP Genie can achieve, I’m not sure what more I can do. So, I’m going to eliminate all of the danger from your end. I’ll offer you a full 180 days to try out WP Genie risk-free. If you don’t like it for any reason, contact us and we’ll return your money in full, no questions asked. That implies there is simply no chance you can lose here. All of the danger falls on our shoulders.


  • User-Friendly: Drag-and-drop builder and intuitive interface simplify website creation and management.
  • All-in-One Solution: Offers features for website creation, content management, performance optimization, security, and basic marketing.
  • Performance Optimization: Built-in tools help ensure your website loads quickly and delivers a smooth user experience.


  • No one has noticed it until now!

Q. What is WP Genie?

It’s world’s first “Wordpress” AI Virtual assistant that harnesses the might of both Google, Amazon and Microsoft’s AI, outclassing ChatGPT by a staggering 16X. Welcome to the future of smart conversations!

Q. Do I need to be an AI wizard to use WP Genie?

Not at all! WP Genie is designed to be user-friendly, with an intuitive dashboard that’s perfect for newbies and experts alike.

Q. What if WP Genie doesn’t live up to the hype?

Rest easy, friend! If WP Genie doesn’t meet your expectations within 180 days, just let us know and we’ll gladly refund every single penny.

Q. Are there any hidden fees lurking around the corner?

Absolutely not! Your one-time investment covers your lifetime access to WP Genie, with no extra costs or hidden fees.

Q. What if I get confused while using WP Genie?

Fear not! We’ve got your back with an exclusive library of detailed video tutorials that’ll guide you through every step of the way.

Q. Can I use WP Genie on my PC, Mac, Android, or iOS device?

You bet! WP Genie is designed to work seamlessly on any device, making it a true AI companion for everyone.

Q. How can I secure my exclusive WP Genie discount?

Just click the button below, and you’ll be on your way to enjoying WP Genie at the lowest price available. Don’t miss out on the AI revolution!

WP Genie presents itself as a user-friendly solution for managing WordPress websites. Its drag-and-drop builder and intuitive interface make it attractive to beginners. Built-in performance optimization and security features offer additional benefits. However, the lack of transparent pricing and limited information on customer support raise concerns. Consider your needs and budget carefully before choosing WP Genie. If you’re a complete beginner or prioritize user-friendliness, it might be worth exploring. However, experienced users or those requiring robust marketing tools and clear pricing might find better alternatives.

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Thanks for taking the time to read my “WP Genie Review” Hopefully, it will help you make your buying decision perfectly!


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